About Sapphire Advisory

Sapphire Advisory exists to bring clarity and purpose to IT decision making in regional healthcare organizations.

This is an extremely challenging time for healthcare organizations, as it may require them to eventually deviate from previously successful strategies. The healthcare industry is under increasing market pressure to deliver more value to its consumers. Consumers are expecting the best care available and an experience commensurate with the increasing cost they are paying for their healthcare.

Savvy business leaders in the healthcare industry are viewing this market pressure as a tremendous opportunity to drive change within their organizations and strengthen their position in a reformed market. Organizations that are investing in such changes cite IT as a critical enabler for achieving their business goals.

Sapphire Advisory offers professional healthcare IT services that satisfy a business purpose:

Sapphire Advisory acts as a catalyst for improving the value contribution of IT in regional healthcare organizations. From planning and advising to implementing and optimizing, Sapphire Advisory provides enhanced perspective, holistic and comprehensive solutions and informed decision-making to align IT with the business and achieve operational excellence.

  • Diverse Leadership Experience = Enhanced Perspective
  • Cross Functional Capabilities = Holistic and Comprehensive Solutions
  • Enhanced Communications = Informed Decision Making
About Our Founder

Sapphire Advisory’s founder, Vincenzo (Vince) Ferri, has over 25 years of professional IT experience, with 17 years specializing in Healthcare IT. Vince’s diverse business background, and expertise in Engineering, brings a holistic and comprehensive approach to problem solving by working competently and confidently across departments. He is experienced in resolving complex situations by communicating effectively, championing solutions, engaging cross-functional support and facilitating decision-making.

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